Nirbhaya verdict welcome; now CBI probe should be ordered to ensure culprits in Rasana case meet similar fate: Lal Singh


Shadow Correspondent
Ex-Minister and MLA Basholi Choudhary Lal Singh welcomed verdict in the Nirbhaya Case and demanded similar punishment for those responsible for brutal murder of 8 year old in Rasana after thorough CBI probe addresses grievances of the commoners of Jammu region and nabs real culprits.
“This is victory of truth. Similarly, the entire Jammu region is demanding CBI probe in the Rasana case on the grounds that the probe was held at a time when a Kashmir based Chief Minister was on chair and she was desperate to regain her lost constituency. She tried to use Rasana case to regain her lost constituency on the premise that she was not accepting genuine demand of a particular community. This was why she refused CBI probe in the Rasana case,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
He added “Nirbhaya case shook the entire nation while the Rasana case was used by a Kashmir based political party to further her ill-designs and tarnish the image of Jammu region. Ex-Chief Minister who is these days busy saving her party from fragmentation left no stone unturned to shame people of Jammu region for demanding CBI probe. She ensured facts are twisted. She used might of the state to crush the voices who were demanding nothing but a fair probe.”
Choudhary Lal Singh said “I resigned and joined my people in their struggle for a fair probe. I am with my people and fighting for Dogra pride. Where is she? She cannot even address a small gathering in her constituency despite having danced on the tunes of the so-called separatists and hardliners in Kashmir valley. She denied justice to 8 year old Goddess and daughter of Dogra land and look, what the destiny has done with her? Dogras will continue their fight for Justice till the time the same is not delivered to the 8 year old Goddess who has united entire Jammu region.”
Choudhary Lal Singh said “Unity is need of the hour. People may have ideological differences with me or may not have liked my style of working but let us join hands for that 8 year old who was brutally murdered and later, a campaign was launched to damage the social fabric of Jammu region by branding every Jammuite as rapist. Dogra pride is at stake and we need to bury our differences and come together to ensure that the taint of being called the entire region as land of rape apologists is washed for all times to come.”
He added that Dogras should not let anyone play with their sentiments.
“I am a firm believer of the fact that if we stand united, CBI probe would be ordered in the Rasana case if we stand united and carry on the struggle with discipline.
Those selling struggles and agitations of Jammu region have died long ago. Choudhary Lal Singh won’t compromise with anyone. The struggle would continue till the time a CBI probe is not ordered in the Rasana case,” said Choudhary Lal Singh. He stressed that the probe is on cards but need of the hour is unity.


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