Amit Shah invokes Chanakya’s views on dynastic politics to take jibe at Congress


New Delhi, JUL 09 :
BJP president Amit Shah on Monday said that Chanakya’s views on politics and how a kingdom should be administered and ruled still hold true in contemporary times. Taking a jibe at Conrgess without actually naming the party, he also said the ancient philosopher was against the concept of dynastic politics.
Speaking at Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini – a charitable organisation in Pune – on Arya Chanakya’s life, Shah said that thoughts and views of Chanakya on politics, economics and foreign affairs are relevant in today’s times as well. “As far as his (Chanakya’s) thoughts about the rulers are concerned, he had opposed the idea of dynasty for running the kingdom,” he said. “Chanakya said it was not necessary that one who is senior but not capable should be given the reins of a kingdom. The most capable, even if he is younger, should run the kingdom.”
It may well have been a statement directed
Amit Shah invokes…..
towards Congress – a party that BJP has consistently accused of being based on dynastic lines. Several BJP leaders have time and again also said that Rahul Gandhi’s ascent as party president is only because of his family and not based on his credentials or political acumen.
Shah went a step further and highlighted how Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a perfect example of a leader that Chanakya had espoused. “Chanakya has already written that the king is the principal servant of the Constitution and our prime minister too said he was the pradhan sevak,” he said. Chanakya had written that the ruler should aim that the last man should be included in the process of development. Our PM’s slogan ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ is on the similar line.”
Shah’s opinion is expected to reverberate with BJP’s core voter base ahead of Lok Sabha elections next year which could well be a battle between PM Modi and Rahul Gandhi, even though the opposition is attempting to combine and several of its leaders have openly said that the PM candidate would be decided at a later stage.


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