SS,DF stages protest against CUK for disrespecting “National Anthem”


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu July 06
The workers of Dogra Front(DF) and Shiv Sena(SS) under the leadership of President Ashok Gupta took out a protest in Jammu city against the disrespecting of the National Anthem during the convocation ceremony of the Kashmir Central University.
The incident involving disrespect for the national anthem, a video footage has emerged showing a group of students of the Central University of Kashmir staying seated during the Indian national anthem at a convocation ceremony.
The video, shot on a mobile phone shows some of the students sitting and a few even shooting the ceremony as they remain seated. It may be noted that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) guidelines pertaining to the decorum to be observed during the playing of national anthem make it mandatory for the audience to ‘stand in attention.
Gupta stated that a probe should be ordered into the alleged disrespect of the national anthem by students in Kashmir.
Irrespective of political ideologies, one should always respect National Anthems. Whether of India or any other nation. National Anthems do not belong to establishments, political parties, Leaders or to certain ideologies.
National Anthems belong to the people of that Nation. Not respecting a National Anthem does not convey a political message. On the contrary, it shows lack of political maturity while disrespecting the proud people of a respective Nation.
Ashok Gupta stated that an FIR should he registered against all the people who were not standing and the students who did this shameful act should be terminated from college and there degrees should be canceled.
He said that like China a law should be passed in the Parliment anyone disrespecting the national flag have to bear a 3 year Jail term and marking of this certain crime on there Aadhar number so that it carried a great deal of fear in the mind of the anti national. At last he said that our soldiers are laying there lives for the National Flag & Anthem and it is the optimum duty of every citizen to pay it respect and honour.
The party people who were present at the time of protest were Bantu, Nikku, Kalu, Geeta, Naresh, Ram Paul, Rano, Sunita, Geeta, Abhishek and various others were present.


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