Murder accused pushed off building in Bihar’s Nalanda


Nalanda ,jul 06:
In a shocking incident that has been reported from Nalanda’s Bihar Sharif, a man was pushed off a balcony by a group of people when he tried to escape after allegedly committing a murder.The murder accused has been admitted to hospital.n the video, recorded from the spot of the incident, a group of people were seen holding the man and attempting to push him off the veranda.Despite his efforts to cling on, the group of agitated people managed to throw him off the building.
A number of people can be seen standing outside the building, shouting and capturing videos and photographs on their mobile phones. Man being thrown off a balcony in Nalanda’s Bihar Sharif by group of people. The man, a murder accused, has been admitted to hospital. Locals had vandalised the area when he had attempted to escape after committing the murder. 9 people arrested in this connection. #Bihar
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According to reports, locals had vandalised the area when the man had attempted to escape after allegedly committing the murder. Nine people have been arrested in connection with the case.
The incident comes days after the Supreme Court observed that mob lynching is ‘beyond law and order problem’ and held the state governments responsible for maintaining calm.


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