Dogra unity would lead to CBI probe in Rasana Case: Lal Singh


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, Jul 6:
Ex-Minister and MLA Basholi Choudhary Lal Singh today complimented Dogras of Jammu region for standing united and demanding CBI probe in Rasana case.
“I salute brave Dogras, both young and old for showing the resolve and speaking in one voice over the demand for CBI probe in the Rasana case. Efforts were made to divide us but we failed all their attempts. They are gone and they will never come back to power. Their divisive and anti-Jammu attitude has cost them. Others should learn a lesson from them,” said Choudhary Lal Singh while addressing a gathering in Sumb area of Samba district.
“You cannot survive politically in this state if you ignore the wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu region and especially when the issue is related to an 8 year old daughter of this great Dogra land, your denying the CBI probe purely for political reasons cost you heavily. Even the Gods don’t spare those who play with the sentiments and emotions of the people of this region which is essentially known as region of temples,” said Choudhary Lal Singh.
“Those who have historically played communal card and worked purely along communal lines should not teach we Dogras secularism. Show me one place other than Jammu region which has accommodated people
Dogra unity…..
from almost every region and religion. We have shown exemplary patience and held the lamp of Secularism high. We are united and speaking in one voice. If you compare that with other regions, they show intolerance even towards the annual pilgrimage,” said Choudhary Lal Singh while adding that Rasana has brought people on a single stage.
“We are united and that is why people are worried. They are creating stories one after other but nothing is helping them. They are frustrated and that is what we Dogras have done to them unitedly. I belong first to the people of this Dogra land and then, to anyone else. You are everything to me and I won’t disappoint you at any cost. I am with you. Those who are still thinking about joining this cause should be seen as enemies of Jammu region. How could they be friends if they have no understanding of the damage that has been done to Jammu region,” Choudhary Lal Singh said.
He added “I am neither tired nor ready to relax, come what may. I will fight till last breath and ensure that Rasana becomes the turning point in the long history of discrimination with Jammu region. No leader would dare to discriminate with Jammu region in future. It is quite clear that Rasana like episodes would not be repeated but only if we stand united and force the government to order CBI probe at the earliest.”
Choudhary Lal Singh said “We are not going to let the state continue with its anti-Jammu mindset. I have taken the oath to stand with Dogras of Jammu region and there would be no compromise on that. I am not going to change my stance. I am not going to sit back and relax. I am not going to change my course. My single aim is CBI probe in Rasana case. There is nothing else in my mind but CBI probe in the Rasana case.” He added that people get tired and change course but Choudhary Lal Singh believes in having patience and continuing with struggle for cause.


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