Children exposed to second hand smoke are more likely to snore study


Certain conditions may not seem like major health issues but sometimes the reasons behind them can be a cause for concern. Snoring is one such habit but research suggests a possible reason for it.The findings show that children who are affected by second hand smoke are more likely to snore. The chances of a child becoming a snorer go up by two percent for every cigarette smoked in the house.The results, from 24 studies including nearly 88,000 kids, may create a “teachable moment” for parents to consider quitting smoking, the authors write in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health.Some parents might think that snoring in kids is benign or even cute, but snoring is often the first step towards developing sleep apnea and has been linked to high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease,” said Lucy Popova, a researcher at Georgia State University in AtlantKe Sun of the School of Public Health of Qingdao University in China, combined and reanalyzed data from previous studies in a wide range of countries that had compared exposure to tobacco smoke and the risk of habitual snoring in children.They found that exposure to smoke before and after birth raised a child’s odds of habitual snoring compared to unexposed kids. Children exposed to smoke while their mothers were pregnant were almost twice as likely to be habitual snorers.he study is considered a positive development since snoring is considered the first step towards sleep apnoea. It has also been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease.This offers more evidence to conclude that second hand smoke can be damaging to children who are still developing.


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