Waking up in a bad mood can make the rest of your day more difficult


Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can leave you in a bad mood throughout the day.
Now, scientists urge people to start the day right in order to have a less stressful day.
According to a new study, people who wake up in a mood no one likes, end up struggling throughout the rest of their day, the Daily Mail reported.For the study, researchers from Penn State University examined 240 participants. They were asked to:* Rate their levels of stress* Complete tasks to test their memory
The people who performed the worst as their day progressed were those that woke up stressed in the morning.
“When you wake up in the morning with a certain outlook for the day, in some sense the die is already cast, ” Researcher Martin Sliwinski told the Daily Mail.Adding, “If you think your day is going to be stressful, you’re going to feel those effects even if nothing stressful ends up happening.”The team hopes their findings can be used to help people learn how to relax more to improve and have a better day.
“If you wake up and feel like the day is going to be stressful, maybe your phone can remind you to do some deep breathing relaxation before you start your day,” Sliwinski further explained.This is a partial answer–partial because the causes of moods are complex, and there’s much that’s still unknown.We tend to think that feelings cause physical states, but the truth is more complicated. There’s a feedback loop between emotion and body. For instance, the act of smiling can actually cause you to feel happier, and our brains sometimes scan our bodies to figure out how we feel. Roughly put, your brain may think, “Oh, I’m smiling. That must mean I’m happy. Okay, then I’m going to generate a happy feeling.” That feeling may have the effect of broadening the smile, and the broad smile may then be interpreted by the brain as, “Wow! I must be even happier.


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