Madhu Param Hans Ji holds Satsang at Satwari


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu,July 02;
Showering the nectarine pearls of spiritualism over the devotees during the course of a satsang at Satwari Chowk, his holiness, Sh. Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the head of Sahib Bandgi panth, said the all of us remember many incidents of life. This system related to remembrance is present within the tissues. The concentration only awakens these tissues. You feed songs & devotional songs in C.D. Now a days, a small ‘chip’ can store up to 1000 songs.
These are connected to a special system like that of the tissues. In the modern systems even the planning for the future can be safely stored.
One fellow said that the people talked about the reaping of fruit related to Karmas.
He asked me to tell him the number of note books where the Karmas of the jivas were recorded. I told him that it was a fact that the Karmas (deeds) were being recorded.
Who is writing? I’ll tell you with how many pens he has been writing the deeds of the jivas. Now a days, the cameras have been fixed in the factories. A single camera can keep a watch on all the workers. Likewise, everyone has a recorder within him that records all the events & incidents being performed by him. Yamraj opens the recorder & shows all the deeds performed by the jiva. No kind of witness is needed there.
You know the deeds you performed in your life & the places where you did so. All this recording is shown to the jiva at the time of judgment.
A fellow asked me how the yama caught hold of the soul. People often say that the yamas took away the soul. On the other hand, it is also said that this soul can’t be tied. It is a very subtle. Then how did the yamdoots caught hold of it.
In hell, the jivas are burnt in fire & are tortured in every possible manner. When the body is left on the earth, what is that which suffers punishment. How is this unique & rare soul punished?
The fact is that even the yamdoots have no idea of the soul. I told the fellow that the yamdoots catch hold of the pranas. They can’t lay their hand on the soul. It remains beyond their reach.
Recitation of Nam has a scientific basis. The yamdoots catch hold of the pranas. The jiva also follows them crying ‘oh my Pranas’ ‘oh my Pranas’.
The yamraj knows that the soul has a great love for its pranas.
That is why he lays his hand on the Pranas & the soul follows these. Moreover as a result of its living in the body, it has taken itself as the body. Once I went to make a round of the hell. There I saw the yamdoots torturing the people. They were torturing a shadowlike thing but the people were crying. Likewise is the feeling of body.


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