JKNPP disowns Prof. Bhim Singh’s statement over Huriyat


Shadow Correspondent,
Jammu,July 02:
An emergency meeting of JKNPP presided over by Harsh Dev Singh Chairman and attended by Balwant Singh Mankotia State President and Mr. Yash Paul Kundal State President Young Panthers besides senior leaders of the party was held today in Jammu to deliberate upon party affairs especially the statement made by Prof. Bhim Singh over Huriyat leaders. The Party leaders in one voice disapproved the statement of Prof. Bhim Singh describing Huriyat conference as a nationalist movement. “We dis-own the statement of Prof. Bhim Singh wherein he has described Huriyat leaders as nationalists. The party does not stand on the same page as Prof. Bhim so far as his statement with regard to Huriyat conference and alleged atrocities on Kashmiri youth or their human rights violations was concerned” said the Panther leaders in a joint statement. The Huriyat leaders have all along been indulging in hate India campaign and acting as touts of Pakistan, said Harsh. He said the Huriyat had pushed Kashmir into a vortex of violence and were responsible for violence, turmoil and spilling blood of innocents in Kashmir. Despite availing all facilitates from govt of India, they were promoting separatists agenda in Kashmir which was intolerable, said Singh. He said that the Huriyat leaders had a vested interest in keeping the pot boiling in Kashmir with least concern for the woes of common man and innocent people of valley who were being used by them in furtherance of their nefarious designs.
Despite several offers of talks, the Huriyat leaders had refused to come on the negotiating table on the dictates of our hostile neighbour who never wants the Kashmir fires to douse, said Singh.
Balwant Singh Mankotia and Yash Paul Kundal while seeking withdrawal of all facilities, security and other privileges given to Huriyat leaders said that NPP opposes any kind of concessions given to anti-nationals. They said that Prof. Bhim Singh’s statement on Huriyat leaders could be his personal opinion and the party dis-associates itself from it. They further called upon the Party leaders to refrain from making any statement on policy matters without the approval of the party Chairman.


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