Handling of K issue seems in doldrum


Modi govt’s soft peddling of separatists, militants led to upsurge in fundamentalism. The separartists in Kashmir responsible for exodus of seven lakh Kashmiri Hindus and fanning out of pro Pak propaganda should have dealt with a stern hand invoking anti India sentiments among the youth instead of showering petals . Hurriet Conference leadership while deploring Indian govt enjoy all facilities including security cover expending an amount of crores of rupees at the behest central govt never feel shy of their dubious role. Rather to flare up the anti-India sentiments in the valley they resort to bandh, hartals so as to carve a mass base in Kashmir with the support of militant organizations.
Many raises eyebrows over the way the separatists are being given a liberal hand in fomenting trouble as well as creating a venomous atmoshphere in the valley.
With this soft peddling of separatists and militants by Modi government for the past four years, the fundamentalist elements’ writ seems at large in Kashmir with openly displaying anti-India attitude. While in power in Jammu and Kashmir state having alliance with People Democratic Party, the central govt almost acted on the whims of its alliance partner PDP who had dictated terms now and then favouring soft attitude towards separatists and dialogue with Pakistan. However, Modi govt visulising for a peaceful Kashmir took initiative to understand the feelings of the masses as well as so called misguided youth of Kashmir. But to the surprise of many the separatists leaders of Hurriyat Conference and other leaders of Joint Resistant Leadership took u turn on dialogue offer and put before the govt undesirable conditions in case the govt wants to hold talks with them. Astonishingly, Hurriyat Conference leadership earlier having minimum public support in the valley to the their pro Pak agenda are gaining momentum in Kashmir valley now with the active support of militant organizations. The fundamentalism had reached at its peak with the involvement of more and more youth as stone pelters. Had central leadership adopted a tough approach towards the separatists like all out army operations against militants, the fundamentalist forces may not have dared to raise their heads against the establishment at centre but contrarily instead of robbing of the facilities and security
Handling of….
cover the separatists, they are being wooed to hold dialogue on Kashmir issue.
Why is it so that those elements who propagate anti -India for their paltry monitory and political gains should not be taken to task by the central govt till date. While on the other hand the benevolence shown by govt was turned down claiming for conditional talks.
In a bid the efforts made to solve the Kashmir issue have not yielded much with repeated appeals by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh to separatists for holding dialogue. As per his views doors are still open for those who wanted to hold talks on solution of Kashmir issue. Instead of wooing separatists Modi govt should have to take stiff stand either depriving them of all the luxuries of lives including of providing of security at the cost of national interests or put them behind bars for most of their follies. With the crushing of anti India elements with iron hand only could lead a way to peaceful Kashmir.


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