Humiliating Kashmiri leadership New Delhi’s policy : Vakil


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu,June 21:
President Jammu and Kashmir Bachao Tehreek and former minister Abdul Gani Vakil Thursday said that New Delhi has always humiliated and ditched the Kashmiri leadership. He said the mistrust that was always there has further deepened after the ‘humiliating fall’ of PDP led government. In a statement issued here, Vakil while welcoming the fall of Mehbooba Mufti government given the deteriorating situation in Kashmir said it was need of the hour that this government should end. “The government failed at every front but the way it was ended is a humiliation which has been New Delhi’s policy towards Kashmiri leadership since decades.”
Vakil held both parties (PDP and BJP) responsible for the prevailing Kashmir situation. The humiliation faced by Mehbooba is unfortunate and needs to be looked seriously, Vakil added. He said that he had written to late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on 15 Feb 2015 requested him not to forge alliance with BJP as it would not only vanish PDP but would prove disastrous for the valley, and the same has happened today.
Vakil said that all along the Center has been ditching its own coalition partner in Kashmir, whoever supported them, whether it was Congress or BJP in power at center. He said Mehbooba had given out of way support to BJP against the wishes of the people, but still they didn’t take her into confidence before withdrawing support. Similarly, Sheikh Abdullah was brought back by Congress into power in 1975, but he was not allowed to give oath to his nominated cabinet. “Raj Bhavan was decorated, everything was ready on the stage, but Congress took back the support at the eleventh hour for not having ministers of their choice in Abdullah’s cabinet,” he said. He said Bakshi Ghulam Mohd was also humiliated on similar lines, who had otherwise done lot good for India in Kashmir,” Vakil added. He said later under a well-drafted plan he (Bakshi) was defeated by independent candidate Shamim Ahmad Shamim.
“There has always been mistrust between New Delhi and Srinagar during the testing times which has only humiliated Kashmiri leadership. No matter how much faithful the Kashmiri leadership had proven,” he said.
He said even Farooq Abdullah was brought down when his 14 members were pulled out through defection. Vakil said there is no doubt that Mehbooba had failed, but the BJP was duty bound to take her into confidence before withdrawing support.
Mr. Vakil appealed people to defeat in future these opportunistic politicians who for the sake of power can bear and tolerate any kind of humiliation. “How can these people save the dignity and honour of the people of State when they are themselves humiliated by the Centre,” he said.


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