Eying on coming LS polls BJP played truant


Jammu Jun 20:
Keeping an eagle’s eye on the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Bhartiya Janta Party played truant with its alliance partner PDP putting full stop on the relationship of three and half year old coalition govt rule in state. The party seems worried about losing its clout among the people of Jammu supposed once the bastion of the party. However, the political leadership of the BJP at the centre as well as state vehementally played card in favour of Kashmir while in coalition govt and surpassed the genuine aspirations of the people of Jammu and succumbed to Kashmiri leadership for meager political gains. Dancing to the tune of PDP leadership under Mehbooba Mufti, central govt in the name of Agenda of Alliance favoured released about eleven thousand stone pelters giving them amnesty and registered cases were quashed While hundreds of cases registered on the youth of Jammu during Bam Bam Bhole agitation in 2008 were not taken back till date smacks of appeasing attitude of Central govt.
Not only this appointed interlocutor Dineshwar Sharma to understand the feelings of the people of Kashmir, offered dialogue with the separatists and right minded people and above all announcement of unilateral ceasefire on borders leaving the lives and security of the nationalist forces in the hands of militants and fundamentalist forces. Any sane person can gauge from the attitude of BJP that they felt no hesitation during its coalition rule to appease Kashmiris while mortgaging the interests of Jammu people including seven lakh Kashmiri Pandits who were hounded out of their motherland three decades ago. Jammuites were made scapegoats in the name of bringing peace in Kashmir. Across the Pir Panchal modi govt lavishly flowed funds to keep kashmiris happy and gave hundred thousand crore relief package to the state out of which maximum amount was given to Kashmir and least share came to Jammu people. Jammites felt dishearted when Modi ji inspite of celebrating Diwali with them made his way to Kashmir to celebrate Diwali. Thousands of youth in Kashmir were provided PM scholarship benefits, jobs, pampering to the students studying outside Kashmir.
Now while Lok Sabha elections are approaching nearer BJP again is trying to befool the people alleging PDP putting obstacles in the functioning of their minsters. Had it been so, the party should have opted out of the coalition the day it felt injustice being accrued to the people of Jammu.
Due to BJP’s consistent mum approach towards the people of Jammu that the inhabitants residing adjacent to whole International Border belt from Kathua to Akhnoor sector have to bear the burnt of heavy mortar shelling and firing and suffered heavy losses in war like situation.
Surprisingly then no BJP leader visited to the aggrieved people and coalition govt too kept its eyes closed least caring for their woes. Their longpending demand for safe shelters was kept in abeyance and the funds too were released for the construction of bunkers with nearing the LS elections. Allotment of plots to them still a distant dream. Jammu’s interests were always remained crushed by the powers whosoever be at the helms of affairs. The discrimination can be in the field of jobs and allocation of funds in the development works and preferences in the administrative field is the another face of the problem.
Consistent appeasement policy towards the people of Kashmir for the past seven decades at the cost of the welfare of the people of Jammu masses too did not cool down the tempers of those hawks claiming to be stakeholders of Kashmir who should be dealt with iron hand.
Time has come for the people of Jammu to show their so called leadership their real face at the time of LS polls.
Governor rule imposed in Jammu and Kashmir
With coalition partners felling apart over sticking over to their respective stands on multiple core issues, the President Ram Nath Kovind imposed Governor rule in the state of Jammu and Kashmir today with immediate effect. The Governor rule was imposed fourth time during the tenureship of Gov NN Vohra. With this the marriage of compulsion crafted about three and half years ago between Kashmir Based People Democratic Party and Bhartiya Janta Party aiming to bring peace in turbulent Jammu and Kashmir state for the past thirty years comes to end blaming each of both partners to be anti masses.


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