BJP rule would go down as darkest chapter in Jammu’s history: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu,June 20:
By compromising over all its professed promises as well as Jammu based issues for the crumbs of power in the last three and a half years, the BJP has pulled out from the coalition as a face saving exercise in the wake of forthcoming 2019 General Elections. The Saffron party which is well aware of the fact that it has miserably lost ground in its core constituency has taken the decision to cover its acts of betrayals, deceit and subterfuge. BJP has inflicted multiple dents upon Dogra pride which would require herculean efforts to straighten the same, said Harsh Dev Singh Chairman JKNPP and former Minister. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today after the collapse of the sinister alliance of BJP-PDP in the State.
Having virtually enticed the gullible masses by their seductive slogans during parliamentary and Assembly Elections, and having manoeuvred their votes through false narrative, the BJP stood fully exposed during its tenure, said Harsh. He said that all the tall talk of good governance, corruption free system, “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas, “Achhe Din” besides other captivating slogans of roly poly, loud mouthed, over weight BJP leaders had proved a hoax with people seething with anger against their gross betrayals. “The surrenders of BJP would shock the progeny. Its rule would go down the generations as the darkest chapter in Jammu’s history. And surrender though unforgettable may still fade a bit in our minds and hearts but hurting our ego and self pride is a memory that would refuse to die down”, rued Harsh.
“Our honour and self respect has been our only treasure. Our people made sacrifices for the nation and the State. The Dogra rulers not only created the State but proved themselves as embodiment of selfless rule. Our warriors scripted sagas of valour in the chequered history of the State. And now we have been reduced to insignificance having been ditched even by those in whom we reposed faith. While separatists were pampered, our soldiers and brave hearts were stoned, humiliated, slapped and jeered. Our national symbols were openly treated with contempt. Those who sang songs in praise of Pakistan were granted immunity while the innocent people of Jammu seeking their fundamental rights were assaulted, arrested and intimidated. Is it not the time to introspect for we the people of Jammu now? Let’s unite and fight for restoring our lost glory and pride”, roared Harsh.
Balwant Singh Mankotia and Yashpaul Kundal said that the people were cheated by the central and State BJP leaders in the name of empowering Jammu and compensating it for all the bias doled out to it in the past. They said that after the elections the BJP took no time to sacrifice its bold promises and public interests at the altar of “political constraints”, an euphemism used for selfish marriage of political convenience. They regretted that BJP’s rule has completely exploded the myth of Saffron bravado with people including their hard core supporters cursing their leaders. Urging upon the people to oppose and depose the BJP for its skulduggery and betrayal, the NPP leaders said that JKNPP alone had the capacity and will to confront the Kashmir centric forces and to realise the dreams of people of Jammu region. Seeking people’s support, they asserted that the next govt shall be formed by the Panthers Party and vowed that fight for Jammu Pradesh shall be taken to its logical conclusion, come what may. Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included PK Ganju, Jagdev Singh, Rajesh Padgotra, Gagan Pratap Singh, Shyam Gorkha, Shankar Singh Chib, Sardar Hari Singh, Ajay Singh, Rajeshwar Singh, Sanjeet Sharma, Robin Sharma, Rafiq Chandel, Jagdev Jagga, Neeraj Gupta.


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