Withdrawal of support by BJP only political stunt:Sharma


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, June 19:
Withdrawal of support by BJP and resignation of Chief Minister of J&K is a political stunt to get exempted from repeated failures in all fields by their miss-rule creating disaster to save them from political catastrophe in 2019 General Elections resolved All J&K Youth Federation (AJKYF) in an emergency meeting held here today under the chairmanship of Arjun Sharma, State Convener, AJKYF.
Sharma further said that withdrawal of government in the BJP-PDP ruled state in Jammu and Kashmir at a time when the law and order situation has deteriorated killing on the border by unprovoked firing, loss of public and private properties, alarming increase in corruption, numerous scams, playing with the sentiments of the youth by having formulating no programs, policy for combating unrest among the youth and farmers is not only murder of democracy but leaving the people of J&K in lurch after grabbing uncounted money out of public exchequer and acquiring illegal properties worth hundreds of crores spreading hatred miss-trust.
Sharma also added that BJP noose of the Prime Minister repeatedly tied with PDP knowing well that it is unholy alliance has derailed the peace and developmental process in Jammu and Kashmir. They encouraged the thousands of miss-guided youth by discharging them from criminal cases on the one hand and failed to formulate youth policy for the state of Jammu and Kashmir to ensure and to bring them on the national mainstream and involve them to work for unity, integrity and sovereignty of the India.
Sharma denounced the outgoing allied government and said that the government has badly encouraged and officialised nepotism, favoritism and corruption for which the federation demands appointment of a inquiry commission headed by a sitting Supreme Court Judge or Retd. Chief Justice of India to bring out the truth ensuring transparency in utilization of public funds worth thousands of crores.
Prominent among those who participated were Sanjay Sandhu, Nakul Sharma, Amit Sharma, Shah Nazaw Khaki, Ankit Sharma, Sourabh Dogra, Kartik Upadhaya, Kanal Verma, Haroon Rashid, Fazal-ul-Haq Choudhary, Keshav Malhotra, Shatmanyu Sharma, Rooman Manhas among others.


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