BJP-PDP Govt was an unholy alliance: Chopra


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, june 19 :
District Congress Committee general secretary Gaurav Chopra has said that the BJP-PDP government of Jammu and Kashmir was an unholy alliance of two opportunistic parties and this was the culmination of this. Both parties sacrificed their lives for the sake of selfishness, which led to anger against the government in the state. The PDP government did not give any opportunity to please Kashmir’s anti-national forces during its four-year tenure and the BJP proved that by correcting every wrong decision of Mehbooba, he proved that he had filled the money of brave soldiers of the country. Not too afraid.
By ordering a one-sided cease-fire during the month of Ramzan, the BJP made the PDP happy, but in a month, the blood clash in Kashmir broke all records of terrorist attacks. Due to the criticisms being made across the country, the BJP took a decision to withdraw the cease-fire. If the BJP’s bus went on, then for the sake of power, the sacrifice of non-counting soldiers by sacrificing the ceasefire for the sake of power.
Chopra said that last year the attack on Shri Amarnath Yatra had proved that the BJP does not have the ability to run the pilgrimage safely in the government. The BJP knows well that the situation in the state has been out of control, at this time the terrorists can target the journey again, this fear of the BJP is also the main reason for breaking the alliance. Chopra has appealed to the people of Jammu to give strong comments to the opportunistic parties if they do not come under the patronage of dramatists BJP leaders.


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