NPP Supremo questions MoS in PM’s Office on his ‘Middle Path’ doctrine on J&K


Shadow Correspondent
Ramban, June 18 :
Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party & an expert on J&K Affairs vis-à-vis UN Resolutions on J&K questioned Minister of State in PM’s Office namely Mr. Jitendra Singh on introducing a neo doctrine of ‘Middle Path’ vis-à-vis J&K situation. Prof.Bhim Singh described the statement by Dr. Jitendra Singh, a trusted minister assisting the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi saying that Kashmir journalist Shujaat Bukhari was killed because he tried to find a ‘middle path’ in J&K. NPP Supremo an expert on the affairs of J&K and the role of the Big Powers since 1950 to create a situation which shall force India to vacate Kashmir. The Anglo-American Bloc was having unique interest in the geographical situation where Kashmir is situating.
Prof.Bhim Singh urged on the intellectuals and the politicians as well as the historians in the country to study the background that made United Nations to appoint Justice Sir Owen Dixon, a Jewish Judge of Australian High Court in 1950. The CIA had been playing a key role in the affairs of India those days also. The USA was interested to establish its base for its military headquarters. The target was the rise of China those days also. Anglo-American Bloc wanted a base for their military headquarter in the Himalayas. Kashmir was an ideal place in the geographical situation at that time (even now). It was Owen Dixon formula which has helped the Anglo-American Bloc to create a situation within Kashmir to help Anglo-American Bloc to establish its base. The Security Council which met on February 21, 1951 to consider the report of Sir Owen Dixon instead of finding out ways and means of making the Dixon proposals acceptable to the two parties, decided by a resolution sponsored jointly by the UK and the USA to send another U.N. representative to India & Pakistan in succession to Sir Owen Dixon”to effect the demilitarization of the State of J&K on the basis of the demilitarization proposals made by Sir Dixon in his report with any modifications which the U.N. representative deems advisable, and to present to the Govt. of India & Pakistan detailed plans for carrying out plebiscite in the State of Jammu and Kashmir”. This resolution was passed with slight modification in spite of the opposition of India by a majority vote on March 30, 1951. None voted against it but the USSR and Yugoslavia abstained. Sir Owen Dixon formula was to push the Hindu majority Districts in Jammu province to the Indian side and to put on Muslim majority districts of Jammu province with Kashmir Valley and hold a plebiscite in that part. This was the’middle path’ supported by the Anglo-American Bloc. This was the ‘middle path’ which has been reflected in the statement of MoS, Dr. Jitendra Singh last evening while he was talking to the press in Kashmir. This doctrine of middle path was recited after nearly 69 years. Prof.Bhim Singh urged the Prime Minister and the Indian media to let the nation know the meaning of ‘middle path’ which the minister in the PM office has used during his media interview while speaking in Srinagar on the tragic murder of a noted journalist, Mr. Shujaat Bukhari. He hoped that Prime Minister of India may let the nation know what his minister meant by ‘middle path’. Did his minister mean that the journalist wanted some other path than the Union of India. What was the ‘middle path’? Was ‘middle path’ expression was used with a purpose to be little the great media person who was assassinated by the terrorists on the threshold of his office the other day? How a Union Minister in PM’s Office can attribute the something which had no relevance at all to the circumstances? The minister must be made to answer the meaning of the ‘middle path’ and its relevance.
Prof.Bhim Singh felt surprise how a minister assisting the Prime Minister in his office could make such a statement describing a killed journalist as a ‘middle path’ pleader. The journalist, Mr.Shujaat Bukhari was not a politician. He was a journalist and enjoyed his credibility as a fearless journalist. Adding ‘middle path’ with his name cannot be appreciated. Prof.Bhim Singh called on the Members of Parliament to seek explanation of the Prime Minister under whom this minister has been working to spell out the meaning of ‘middle path’. Does it mean that the minister has used this phraseology to convey the message that CIA wanted to convey to the Members of the United Nations in 1950 when the so-called Dixon formula was promoted. The Prime Minister must answer this question as the said minister is from Jammu and Kashmir and working under his direct command.


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