Hindi Play ‘Baal Shhrum Neshed Hai’ staged


Shadow Correspondent
This is really a shame on our part that thousands of Children are deprived of Education which is basic fundamental right of a child.
We must stop this tradition and catch hold of those who encourages the child labour. We have to fight against such crime on all fronts because our children are future of our country .
Ram was forced by his parents for working at a tea stall for certain amount. A group of children know Ramu and feel for his condition. Children of the locality approach a social welfare group and narrate them Ramu’s miseries.
Social activist catch hold of tea stall owner and ask him how he can keep Ramu at his shop who is below 14 years.
This is a crime and you will punished for this crime.
Tea stall owner calls Ramu’s father he too is questioned by social activist and warned for this crime.
Both the tea vendor and Ramu’s father are convinced by law of land.Ramu when asked to continue his school, he smiles and feels excited. They assure Ramu’s father all help for the education of Ramu.
This NUKAD is an eye-opener for those people who encourege child labour. All the people who witnessed this drama appreciated the theme of the Nukad.
Actors who acted in this NUKAD were Master Daksh,miss Khushi,Rahul Dev,Raju Mad,Chintu,Rohit Gupta,Sonu,Krish Gupta,Krishika Gupta and Vijay Malla.
This Nukad was Written and Directed by Vijay Malla.


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