J&K faces threat of collapse: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, June 16:
Strongly condemning Pakistan for non reciprocation to cessation of combat operations by Indian forces against its agents during Ramzan, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that it was amply proved that terror had no religion and no place or regard for humanitarian values. He said that with violence having multiplied manifold during the Ramzan period, the unilateral decision of cease fire taken on political considerations without proper home work had the proved catastrophic for state. He said that massive killings on the borders and within including soldiers, civilians and even journalists had threatened the very existence of the state as an entity. Unlike the ceasefire of 2000 which was announced after a gigantic amount of back channel work having been conducted by security agencies, the 2018 decision was taken in haste without proper application of mind only to keep Mehbooba Mufti in good humour, regretted Harsh. The flip flop in decision making over ceasefire was evident from the conflicting statements of various authorities with Army Chief and Defense Minister initially opposing the proposal of Mehbooba Mufti but subsequently acquiescing due to the acceptance of the move by Union Home Minister, said Harsh. He was addressing a public meeting in Kot Bhalwal today.
Describing the gruesome murder of Shujaat Bukhari by Pak sponsored agents as an attack on freedom of press, Mr. Singh said that it was attempt to gag the press so as to prevent it from reporting the violence, misdeeds and atrocities committed by Pak sponsored elements in the valley. Strongly condemning the cowardly assassination of the veteran journalist, Mr. Singh regretted that the impartant institution of democracy too stood threatened in the incumbent unholy regime. Paying tributes to the slain riflemen Aurangzeb, Mr. Singh regretted that having achieved feats in fights against enemy, our bravehearts were falling to the treacherous traps of Pak agents and dirty politics of our rulers.
Expressing concern over the escalation in violence in the state during the recent past, Mr. Singh said that govt’s ineffectiveness in countering the ongoing insurgency and Pak misadventures was fraught with dangerous consequences. He regretted that the appeasement policies followed by the central govt for political reasons had proved counterproductive and immensely jeopardized the security of the state. With separatists and anti national forces gaining an edge and the present govt fast losing control, the situation could irretrievably reach a point of no return.
Mr. Harsh Dev Singh called upon the people assembled on the occasion to support the Panthers agenda for a separate Jammu state which alone could bail the Dogra land from the adverse impact of Kashmir imbroglio.
Prominent among those who spoke on the occasion included Gagan Pratap Singh, Aditya Hans, Parshotam Parihar, Partap Singh, Nirmal Kishore, Naresh Bhagat besides others.


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