Impose Governor’s rule in J&K : Bhim


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, June 16:
Prof.Bhim Singh, Chief Patron of National Panthers Party urged President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind (presently he is outside India) to intervene without any further delay, exercise his exclusive power vested in him within the meaning and scope of Article 370 of Constitution of India and Section 92 of the Constitution of J&K to save the people of J&K from the flood of death and destruction. NPP Supremo urged the President to use his constitutional power which is exclusively vested in him to dismiss the Govt. of J&K comprising of two political parties namely, PDP & BJP. He said that the present government has been rejected by the people of all the three regions of the State namely, Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh.
There is no governance worth its name and there is total defiance of the government machinery and the helpless police in the state. Killing of a leading journalist namely Shri Shujaat Bukhari, his security men followed by the killings of students, youth and the people in the streets in almost all the Districts of Kashmir which has been condemned by all sections of the people is a living evidence that the present government has no existence.
The Army is finding difficult to protect the lives and security of policemen even.
The President of India is only competent authority to intervene under the Constitution of India as well as in accordance with the Constitution of J&K to intervene and save the State of J&K from death and destruction.
Prof.Bhim Singh made a strong request to the angry leadership of Kashmir including leadership of the Hurriyat Conference to forget their political differences and forget the outdated slogans to ensure that the people of J&K from Ladakh to Kupwara, Kupwara to Poonch & Kathua stand together for the return of peace and harmony. This is the only way to save the people of J&K from the flood that has been rushing from one end of the state to its border. He said that the leadership from all regions of the state is capable enough to save the people of the state from the present bloody wave which is being provoked by the enemies of peace and India from across the International Borders.
Prof.Bhim Singh declared that the volunteers of National Panthers Party from Ladakh, Kashmir Valley and Jammu Pradesh shall join hands take out a procession for lasting peace with justice so that the people of J&K join, “Save Jammu and Kashmir, save India” movement with a hope that entire India shall support this movement for dignified peace and safety for all. He said that BJP Govt. at the Centre has no policy vis-à-vis J&K and its participation in the Govt. of J&K has proved a disaster.


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