“Human-Rights” violation on rise: Kapoor


Shadow Correspondent
The State Chairman J&K Human Rights Watch B. L Kapoor in a statement issued here on Friday as said that violation of Human Rights is on rise in the state and it has become routine practice as well as fashion of the day.
Kapoor further said that the proxy war for the decades together in the state has ruined the state of Jammu and Kashmir and the people especially living near LOC, IB have been terrorized and fed up even most of them have been migrated.
Kapoor further more said that the centre govt. no doubt doing a lot to crush the militancy but it has been continued yet resulting the people across the state are fed up and lost the charms of life.
Referring yesterday’s attack on a Journalist in Kashmir in which a senior Journalist Bhukhari and his two PSO’s killed is a self speaking evidence of terrorism and hastening the press, Media personals in the state. Not only the killing of Journalist but it is the matter of highest concern as Press and Media is the important factor in the democratic setup. In absence of Media and Press the democracy is like a lame duck, and Army, Police and Para Military who have been facing the challenges of anti-national elements and during encounters and attacks over them several officers and Jawans have sacrificed their lives. Central government should take immediate measures, steps for up-rooting the menace of militancy so that the people of the state may have sigh of relief and able to live with peace and happiness.


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