BJP vociferously condemns ‘malicious’ report published by UN


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, June 15:
In a press statement issued by the party, Brig Anil Gupta, State Spokesperson has unequivocally condemned the report published by UNHCR blaming the Government of India and the Indian Security Forces for use of excessive force in Kashmir and for human rights violation. Terming the report as ‘motivated’ and ‘doctored’ and prepared at the behest of Pak sponsored lobbyists to defame India internationally, Brig Gupta stated that the report is bereft of facts and actualities and is based on false assumptions. Brig Gupta appreciated the Ministry of External Affairs for out rightly rejecting the report as it impinges upon our sovereignty. It is the duty of every sovereign government to ensure integrity of the country and crush the secessionist elements. The government of India is exactly doing that and cannot be faulted for the same asserted Brig Gupta. Denying the assertion that the security forces are using excessive force, Brig Gupta said that it goes to the credit of the government that despite grave provocation and the terror unleashed by Pak sponsored terrorists, it has directed the security forces to adhere to the ‘use of minimum force’. The report lacks credibility because it has completely ignored and omitted the Pak sponsored terrorism and the proxy war unleashed by it in Kashmir Valley. The raison d etre for deployment of security forces in Kashmir is to crush the militancy and fight the jihadi terror which has made the life of a common man unsafe. The number of deaths due to terror and repeated violation of ceasefire by Pakistan has been totally ignored by the report claimed Brig Gupta. Elaborating further, Brig Gupta questioned the justification of terming the UN designated terrorist organisations operating in Kashmir as “armed groups” in the report. While mentioning the civilian killings in 2016, the report has conveniently ignored the fact that those killed were the ones who attacked and tried to set fire to security forces bases. These also included the stone pelters who worked with terrorists to complement their operations said Brig Gupta. As regards the use of pellet guns, Brig Gupta claimed that the report ignored the fact that these were universally acknowledged non-lethal weapons and used world over for crowd control.
While commenting on the banning of internet and curbing of freedom of speech, Brig Gupta said that banning of internet was needed to prevent escalation due to misuse of social media as well as its misuse by terrorists and sympathisers for urging the stone peltersto converge at the site of encounter. Regarding freedom of expression, Brig Gupta said that the allegation is completely unfounded.
Brig Gupta has urged all right-minded countrymen to condemn this fabricated and malicious report in unison as it is a matter of national pride.


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