Trump-Kim summit: Indian pulao and chicken curry on the menu for journalists in Singapore


Popular Indian dishes like Pulao and Chicken Curry, are among 45 other varieties being served to nearly 3,000 journalists from across the world who are here to cover the the historic summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korea leader Kim Jong-un.
Trump and Kim will sit down for talks at 9 am (6:30 am IST) tomorrow at the Capella Hotel on the resort island of Sentosa. The first-ever summit between the two leaders will kick-start a process that could see North Korea giving up its nuclear weapons.
Local and overseas journalists will have no lack of food while covering the summit between the US and North Korea, with a menu that will offer 45 dishes across 15 cuisines to suit all palates, the Strait Times reported.
On offer will be Indian, Singaporean, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, French, American, Italian, English, Australian, Brazilian and Middle Eastern food, Sats, Airport ground handler and food firm, which will be providing the lunches and dinners was quoted as saying by the report.
Indian dishes like Pulao, Fish Curry, Chicken Curry and Papad will be served at the F1 Pit Building – the official media centre for the summit – in downtown Singapore.
There are quintessential Singaporean dishes, such as laksa and chicken rice which will be served hot at manned stations.
Several caterers have been roped in to help feed the journalists meals from breakfast to lunch, tea to dinner, the report said.
They include the Common Good Company – a consortium of Singaporean food and food-related brands like Udders Ice Cream and The Soup Spoon.
The firm will be offering more than 23 different products made with kimchi, a Korean staple of spicy and pickled cabbage, including specially customised products such as Kimchi Jiggae Soup and Kimchi Ice Cream.
“In the midst of intense deadlines, there’s no reason why harried reporters can’t have a taste of Singaporean food and other unique foods,” said The Common Good Company Director Wong Peck Lin.
Airport ground handler and food firm, Sats, which has been tasked with the biggest job, expects to serve more than 7.2 tonnes of food – over 7,000 meals.
About 25 chefs per shift – there will be two shifts per day except on Wednesday – will be stationed at the media centre, the firm said.
By the time they are done with all seven lunches and dinners over three and a half days, about 650 manhours would have been spent, Sats’ spokesman said.
The task at hand is Sats’ biggest job since catering for the WTA Finals in October 2017, when the firm pushed out over 8,000 meals, 72 dishes and 9.1 tonnes of food for top women’s tennis players.
Sats president and chief executive officer Alex Hungate said: “It’s always good to keep the journalists happy with a delicious meal.”


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