Government not serious to solve KPs problem: KMRHOAY


Shadow Correspondent
Jammu, Jun07:
members of Kashmiri Migrant Relief Holders and Over Aged Youth ( KMRHOAY) held a protest demonstration in event of Home Ministers visit to Jammu regarding burning issues of their survival which are being completely ignored by the present state and centre government. The issues were highlighted such as economic rehabilitation, health insurance cover, but nothing has been step up by this deaf and dumb government, they alleged.
During the protest demonstration the members of the forum said that for last 28 years we are fed up by false promises by all the governments for the return to Kashmir with dignity and honor seems just a joke “JUMLA” with the practically no relevance at ground level. They also demoded enhance in the cash assistants monthly with more delay @ of RS300/per soul per day but Home Minister of India ,Raj Nath Singh announced enhancement of RS.Rs.3000 per family here on Jammu visit during a press conference.
Though some forums have been published just recently in leading daily news paper by the office of relief and rehabilitation for self-employment and when enquired about the said advertisement policy the concerning department were completely out of the words even to explain its basic format, which completely exposed their insincere effort and another eyewash for over aged youth.


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