Shri Ram Sena reiterates demand of separate Jammu state


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, Jun 7:
Reiterating its demand for re-organisation of the state by creating separate states of Jammu and Kashmir and granting union territory status to Ladakh, Shri Ram Sena, Jammu and Kashmir, today said that by creating three separate states of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh will lead to development of all the three regions uniformly.
In a statement issued today, State President of Shri Ram Sena, Rajiv Mahajan said the three regions of the state altogether have different geographical conditions, different cultures, different languages as well as living patterns.
“We are not in favour of trifurcation of the Jammu and Kashmir state but it is due to the circumstances created by the separatists and Hurriyat leaders at the helm of affairs that has compelled us to raise such a demand,” he said.
“Trifurcation of the State is the only viable option that can meet the aspirations of not only the people of Jammu region but also of Ladakh and Kashmir regions,” he said adding that people of Jammu and Ladakh regions suffered in all walks of life- in development activities, in services and in allocation of funds.
The harsh reality is that Kashmir occupies almost all the higher and lucrative positions in the government, be it revenue administration, the finance department, the police and judicial departments and political institutions.
The net result is widespread frustration and dissatisfaction of people of Jammu and Ladakh regions therefore the demand in Jammu for statehood is need of the hour.
“There is no other solution except a separate state for Jammu province that can free the people of the province from Kashmiri domination,” he said.
“We demanded reorganization of the state on the ground that Jammuites despise the ideology of separatists and Hurriyat leadership of the Valley,” he asserted.
“If the state and Central governments want to maintain peace in the Kashmir Valley they need to think over my suggestion,” Rajiv Mahajan said.
“We have raised a voice for justice many times but each time our demand was crushed by the government,” he said, adding, “now the time has come that people of Jammu should get united for their final struggle to get a separate state”.


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