Panun Kashmir holds meet; discuses socio-political scenario of state


Shadow Correspondent
JAMMU, Jun 7:
Panun Kashmir held an important meeting today at Jammu to discuss the current socio-political scenario of the state. The meeting was presided over by Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo, President, Panun Kashmir. Those who attended the meeting included Virender Raina, Chairman, Political Affairs Committee, Upinder Kaul, General Secretary, Kamal Bagati, General Secretary(Org), Ashok Chrungoo, Treasurer, Kalhan Kachru, Secretary-Panun Kashmir Youth, K.L.Bhat, P.N.Pandita, B.L.Garyali, Vimla Chrungoo and Vijay Saproo, Secretary and Asstt. Secretary respectively of DOPK, J. L. Drabu, Rajaji Kachroo and Ramesh Kaul. Shri Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo gave a brief of his recent Delhi NCR tour programme and apprised the members of the organizational concerns at the national level.
In his address on the occasion, Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo said that the three decades of struggle in exile of the Kashmiri Pandit community has assumed a great responsibility so far as the fate and future of the community and the nation is concerned. The current political situation in the Jammu and Kashmir state is far from a normal situation. Though there is pressure on the terror regime as well as the ISI from Indian side yet Pakistan is hell bent upon to play its dirty tricks. The ceasefire violations by Pak Rangers and the intrusion bids by the Pak-trained terror groups have caused a great damage to the socio-security scenario of the Jammu and Kashmir state. There is a strong politico-strategic view to reconsider the options available with the Indian State so far as response to the ongoing situation created by Pakistan and the terror operatives are concerned. There cannot be two opinions about the need to aggressively respond to the Pakistan’s military misadventures as was done recently by the Indian forces leaving destruction of military assets and scores dead on the other side of the international border.
He said it is gratifying to note that the BJP has initiated review of the Kathua issue and in this connection; the statements of Amit Shah, the President of the party are welcome. The three points raised by the Lawyer community of Jammu are genuine and represent the geo-political aspirations of the Jammu region. The CBI demand for an impartial probe in the Kathua rape and murder case is not only justified but it is the only course left keeping in view the severity of the case and the composition and working of CB teams. The steps taken by the government of India in regard to the issue of continuous stay of Rohangya and Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in Jammu region are also a step in the right direction which needs urgent follow up.
Shri Virender Raina in his address said that the Kashmiri Pandits for the last three decades have shown their resilience and a keen intent to live and exist as a community dedicated to the cultural roots of Kashmir. The resettlement issue of Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir is a very important concern for which Panun Kashmir is committed and is working with perfect intent.
The demand of Homeland takes care of the issues pertaining to the ethnic cleansing and mass exodus of the community.
The government of India will have to take the Kashmiri Pandit displaced community into confidence in this regard and exhibit its intent to resettle them in Kashmir on a permanent basis. Panun Kashmir keeping in view the overall nationalist concerns has extended its full support to the Kathua agitation. He referred to the Amarnath Agitation days and said that Dogra and Kashmiri Pandit community have common national goals.
It is time to rededicate ourselves to the cause of the community to take its struggle to the logical conclusion.
It needs to be emphasized that the Homeland demand as propounded by Panun Kashmir is the only panacea for the miseries of exiles and any attempt to weaken this resolve will be resisted with all might at our command.


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