Manohar alleges BJP for its total failure


Jammu, Jun 6 :-
As compared to 2016there occurred 230 per cent increase in ceasefire violation in 2017.The current status of boarders is not hidden from the nation there occurs loss of men and property along the border. During the tenure of BJP the cease fire violation has increased 5pt comparative to previous regimes.
Addressing the press conference here on Wednesday senior congress leader Dr. Manohar Lal said that National security under BJP is just limited to slogans. The people of Jammu boarders are facing the wrath of any focused policy of current government both in centre and state. There is no plan for emergency eviction, medical staff and allied staff for any focused policy of BJP.
While talking to press Dr. Manohar Lal also said regarding corruption which is going on in all the departments. There are approximate Rs.54318 crores to the nation in the shape of scams like Vijay Malya, Neerav Modi, Rotomac scams etc. There is an easy policy that scammers fled from country and took shelter in other countries.
He also highlighted in favor of farmers and said government has no policy for farmers. There is no increase in MSP and farmers are finding it hard to survive under BJP there is many fold rise in inflation. The result is frequent increase in farmers suicide.
He further said that unemployment is all time high and government hardly providing merely 1.35w lakh jobs in 2015 compared to 9.3 lakh jobs provided by UPA in 2011/12.Discrimination with Jammu people are continuously in all fields.


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