PDP-BJP government failed people on every count: Bhalla


Shadow Correspondent
Holding ruling dispensation of PDP-BJP responsible for the “uncertainty” and “anguish” among the people in the state, former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today said the coalition partners after securing votes from the people have failed them on every count. Bhalla was interacting with prominent persons of the Gandhi Nagar A Block in Gandhi Nagar constituency. Bhalla hit out at the Centre and the State government for “deteriorating situation in the state” and blamed them both for “failing to create an atmosphere of peace as a result of which the country and the state are passing though very crucial phase leading to the deep alienation among people. People are subjected to mental torture by the state government in order to hide its failures.
The PDP-BJP government has miserably failed to deliver.
The misrule and mismanagement on their part has added to the woes of the people. Bhalla said all the promises made to the people by the PDP and the BJP after securing votes from them on sensitive issues, have fallen flat.
“People have realized that they have been misled very badly on the AoA between PDP and BJP; unemployment has risen considerably; developmental process started by the UPA I & UPA II has come to standstill; lack of policy on the part of state government has disturbed the socio political scenario of the state.”Censuring both the PDP and the BJP for “failing to come up to the expectations of the people”, Bhalla said, “people in all the three regions have realized that their vote to PDP-BJP instead of giving any respite to them has brought miseries to them.


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