Wealth is very much needed to meet the material needs: Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj


Shadow Correspondent
During the course of his religious discourse at satwari chowk, His holiness, Sh. Madhu Param Hansji Maharaj (popularly knows as Sahibji), the head of Sahib Bandgi panth, highlighted the significance of spiritual knowledge that has its importance more than anyother worldly knowledge. Wealth is the basis of life. Blood, glamour, food & other necessary eatables are needed for the survival of the body. All these material objects can be bought with money alone. As such, the wealth is very much needed to meet the material needs. Poverty is the greatest sorrow for man in this world. We understand very well the importance of money.
Still, it is a fact that the significance of spiritual knowledge is more than that of wealth. But we have ignored this fact. Man labours hard to earn wealth. The labourers have to labour hard in the scorching heat to earn it. They also know the importance of money in life.
You won’t make any attempt unless you know the significance of spiritual knowledge. In fact, the significance of spiritual knowledge is many many times more than that of money. Earning of money needs energy & concentration. As such, one should earn as much as is needed to meet one’s basic needs.
The soul needs nothing. It has nothing to do with any taste, word, foul smell or fragrance or any Indriya. It is lust free because of having no Indriya in it. Also, it has no desire or intellect. Then should it be taken as mad & senseless. There is nothing like that. It is beyond intellect. That is why it has no friend or foe. Moreover, because of its being free from any material element, it has nothing to do with sleep or awakening. No material thing can influence it.
There was a time when I neither took food nor enjoyed sleep. A man was taking food. I asked him if he knew that it was not he who was taking food. He laughed on hearing it. He was burst into laughter & said that I had turned mad. I became silent. I thought that the worldly people take one who speaks the truth as mad. Thereafter I decided not to talk about deep & subtle knowledge with anyone. Even the shastras say that in earlier times man didn’t take food. The soul can still stay. There is a definite technique for that.
All are living the life of a body & are in search of pleasures. This is because the soul has got accustomed to enjoy pleasures.
A fellow who sleeps on a soft bed won’t be able to sleep on a floor if the circumstances demand so. He will spend the whole night in changing sides.
That is to say, everyone is in search of pleasures. Some make a search of these in wealth while others do so in lustful activities. The kings used to have many queens. But the lustful activities couldn’t give them the desired pleasures.
Every man on earth seems to be intoxicated. Some move with their grand children & hug & kiss them, some keep on waiting for girls for hours together. All other worldly pleasures fade before the real pleasures that can be enjoyed through it. In fact, all the worldly pleasures end in sorrows or sufferings. As such, it is necessary to enjoy the pleasures related to the soul. Man will remain engrossed in the short livd pleasures unless he takes the shelter of some satguru who has the competence to provide him with the rare kind of pleasures. The sooner man does so, the better it will be for him.


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