Meaningless to talk to Pakistan until it stops aiding terrorism: Kesri


Shadow Correspondent
While the border dispute between the two countries remains unaddressed, the civilians living in border areas time and again find themselves caught in the line of fire between two hostile militaries resulting in the deaths of soldiers and civilians.
This was observed by Shiv Sena Hindustan National Vice President Pt Rajesh Kesri while addressing a press conference in Jammu. Prominent among those present in the press conference include Rajesh Handa, Sukhveer Singh and Raj Kumar.
Border residents of Jammu and Kashmir are the ones paying the price of enmity with Pakistan. Every year, our people get killed and injured in border skirmishes.
How long will we continue to live under the shadow of death and uncertainty? What have India and Pakistan achieved over all these years by shelling civilians on both the sides of the border? Either the government should rehabilitate them somewhere else or ensure them peace,” said Kesri. Ceasefire was the best gift India and Pakistan gave to the areas near the border and the LoC, but since the last few years, we are continuously seeing that it has remained confined to paper only.
It is not being implemented, Kesri told media persons reacting to the recent deaths due to truce violation.
Pakistan has not responded in the manner it should have after suspension of operation in Kashmir Pakistan does not want Indian Muslims to celebrate Ramzan peacefully. Pakistan playing psychological against India by tempting and raising the issue of Kashmir which is already an integral part of India, the chapter is closed so there is no need to talk on this subject. We should show our complete solidarity to our martyrs, to our soldiers. It’s about time nation stood up and took a stand, Kesri added.


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