Scams unfolding today belong to previous UPA dispensation: Jitendra Singh


Shadow Bureau
Union minister Jitendra Singh today slammed the previous UPA dispensation over corruption charges and praised the current BJP-led government, saying no such allegation has been leveled against ministers in the past four years.
“(For) four years this government is in place, but not a single minister of Modi government has been accused of any scam or having any corruption charges against them,” the minister of state in the Prime Minister’s Office said.
He said even the scams unfolding today belong to the previous UPA dispensation.
Singh was replying to questions from reporters in Jammu about the alleged Rs 5,000 crore bank scam in which the name of Congress leader Ahmed Patel’s son-in-law has figured in
Scams unfolding….
an investigation by the Enforcement Directorate.
Asked whether Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should take a call on the alleged scam after the name of the kin of a Congress leader has figured, Singh said: “Each one of us are in public life and owe an explanation to the people of the country. Their silence itself is an indication of not being able to explain”.
Singh credited Prime Minister Narendra Modi for developing a “new kind of political culture” in governance by introducing transparency and accountability.
He said that this was not an ordinary achievement after being in power for four years.
Not a single minister of the Modi government has been accused of corruption but the scams still unfolding today are from days of the UPA government, he said.
He said institutions and mechanisms are in place to deal with the scams and law will take its own course.


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