Ravinder Seeks streamlining of Royalty Fee in District Rajouri to end unrest


Shadow Correspondent
Former MLC and JKPCC chief Spokesperson Mr. Ravinder Sharma has questioned the erratic system of charging huge amount as royalty over sand/ Bajri/ stones by some private players without any uniform mode or norms, in some parts of district Rajouri.
Sharma was apprised by the people and local contractors that they are being charged as huge royalty fee by the private contractors in an unauthorized mode amounting to extortion since some high profile vested interests are in league with them.
The people complained that even in some cases it amounts to double taxation and fleecing the common people.
The administration has totally ignored the protests so far causing great resentment and confusion in the minds of the general public.
He sought immediate intervention of the concerned authorities, to set the system right to save any undue exploitation of common people and to end the unrest amongst the people, on this account.
The authorities must fully notify to the public the fixation of genuine rates as well as mode and manner of charging the same, after complying with all the requisites.


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