Dogri play ‘GATT’ staged at Bagh-e-Bahu


Shadow Correspondent
Balwant Thakur’s popular Dogri play ‘GATT’ staged here today at Bagh-e-Bahu in Summer Cultural Festival organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages. Based on Krishna Chander’s famous Urdu classic short story ‘Khadda’ the play is a hard hitting satire on the decay of human values. Balwant Thakur has adapted it in such a contemporary manner that the audience instantly identifies itself with the play. The play “Gatt” shows that one and all tend to shirk their own responsibilities and work and pass it on to others. Instead they indulge in high sloganism, claiming to be the redeemers of the suffering masses. Natrang actors who acted in the play included Neeraj Kant as Neta, Mahikshit Singh as Aadmi, Mohd. Yaseen as Karamchari 1, Brijesh Avtaar Sharma as Karamchari 2, Gautam Kumar as Aashiq-1 Zeeshan Haider as Foreigner, Shivam Singh as Aashiq-2, Manoj Kumar Lalotra as Sadhu, Goutam Sharma as Police Cop and Bhisham Gupta as Chela. The show was ably conducted by Shazi Khan.


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