Coalition Govt failed to deliver on ground


Shadow Correspondent
Coalition government has miserably failed to live up to the expectations of the people. There is a strong resentment among the people against this government as it has not fulfilled its promises made at the time of Assembly elections. There is anger among people. The PDP-BJP has played with the sentiments of the people who voted them to power. People are not happy with their policies and the government has proved to be a failure.
Prominent among those present on the occasion include Ex Corporator Asha Bhagat, Rakesh Bhagat, Diwan Chand, Karuna Devi, Mulakh Raj, Devi Dass, SD Raina, Rakesh Abrol, Sunny Thappa, Gharu Ram, Madam Kirna, Madam Babli beside others.Bhalla said that disillusionment of people with the PDP-BJP government is growing, as governance is at the lowest depth and development has taken nose dive in the past over three years.”People are realizing the futility of electing a government that is not only insensitive towards their problems but also responsible in adding to these on every front”, he said. He said Congress is the only destination for those who want peace to sustain and development to remain focused agenda of the government in the state. He said the initiatives taken in this regard by Congress governments especially the previous one has been negated by the present anti-people dispensation. Besides, he said that the other basic facilities including filtered water are not available in the area, which has resulted in the sufferings of people.


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