Satwant slams PDP/BJP Government for neglecting border people


Shadow Correspondent
Hitting out at the BJP/PDP government in the state for leaving border residents at the mercy of God at a time when shelling from across the border has made their lives difficult, the Provincial President of Women Wing of National Conference Satwant Kaur Dogra today slammed both state as well as centre government for neglecting the border residents.
The unabated shelling from across the border coupled with lack of arrangements for proper shelter and medicare facilities is taking the toll of border people daily showing apathy of the government towards border people.
The Women Wing President who visited along with a delegation of NC leaders of Samba to the shelling affected village Bain and Glarh in Samba said that the words are not enough to describe the destruction and devastation caused by shelling across the border.
Satwant alleged that the government both State as well as the Centre have failed to make proper arrangements for bullet proof ambulances or evacuating the people to safer places or construct the adequate number of bunkers along the border belt for sheltering the people during the time of sudden shelling by the troops of enemy country and that has added woes and miseries of people living in forward villages of IB.
She further said that the government has failed to make any contingency plan and it seems that those in power both at State and Centre are least concerned for the welfare of these people who live under the fear of gun and shelling daily.
The Government seems to be insensitive towards the sufferings of firing victims and have closed their eyes and ears towards them.
She met families of eight year old boy Krishna and other families who lost their loved ones in cross border firing and also enquired about the condition of those injured.
She conveyed condolences to the families of those who lost their lives and prayed for the souls to be in peace.
She lauded the courage of the suffering people in braving the situation and expressed solidarity of his party JKNC with them at this crucial juncture. She was accompanied by Anil Singh Sambyal, Ramesh Badgal, Madan Lal, Magar Ram and Darshan Lal.


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