Physical body we are residing in, is just like a dream: Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj


Shadow Correspondent
Sh. Madhu Param Hans ji Maharaj, the head of Sahib Bandgi panth, while scattering the rays of spiciritualism on the devotees at Sant Ashram Ranjri, said that the physical body we are residing in, is just like a dream. The world we are living in is not the real abode of the soul. All of us are living in a Mayaic world where everything is nothing but an illusion. Sometimes, man tries to know his real identity. This is a very complex question & it is not easy to find some suitable answer. Man finds it difficult to know his real identity. But the question arises as to what are the hurdles that prevent man from doing so. Normally, the people say that the hurdles created by Munn Maya are responsible for it. Can we understand clearly the hurdles created by Munn Maya?
If everything here is dream like, why do we take these as true? In Yog Vashishath Maha Ramayan, we find that when Sh. Ram told his guru Vashishathat the world appeared very trouble &pain giving, the latter asked him which world he was talking about.
Neither there was any existence of the world, nor has been & nor will it every be. At this Ramji said, “O Gurudev! What to the parents, friends, the suns, the moons, I & you & the like stand for?” Vashishath ji an answered, “O Ram! it is only the act of your remembrance. When you control it, the very existence of the world will disappear from your mind.” There is need to think whether the universe is really an illusion or we should take it so.
It is the nose that tells us about the fragrance of some flower or other thing & it is the tongue that tells us about the taste of some eatable. How are we experiencing the universe? It is our Karam Geyan Indries that tells us about our relations like mother, father, brother & the like. We se the worldly objects with our eyes. The eyes make a picture of some fellow, the remembrance enables us to do with our soul. Our Chitt (brain) has the power to remember 2 Kharab things. So to say, the whole creation is the play of Indriyas alone.
O Hansa! This bodily cage doesn’t belong to you. Listen carefully & ponder over the fact that whole of the universe is the creation of our Munn.


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