Undeclare war by Pakistan


R.C. Bhat
Nine days undeclared war on Indian Boarder left many indelible scars on the minds border dwellers, apprehends lull before storm.
Aggrieved dwellers blame state and Centre govts for grim situation, should have learnt lessons from past
Showing least regard and honour to unilateral ceasefire on borders in Jammu and Kashmir during the holy month of Ramzan, Pakistani rangers resorted to heavy mortar shelling and firing on International border left the villagers adjoining facing the trails of death and destruction. For the past ten days. Pak rangers bursted hundreds of bullets on civilians living adjacent to IB who felt dismayed and despaired over the attitude of their neighbour. The Arnia sector, R S Pura sector, Ramgarh sector, Samba sector and Hiranagar sector of Jammu province witnessed heavy Pak shelling during the past ten days and suffered huge losses of human life and cattle
After a long spell of doom on borders unleashed by Pak army troops on 198 Km long International Border, it was lull before storm, apprehend aggrieved border village dwellers living with their relations or in some relief camps. It was nightmarish experience for us. Even our small kids were not spared. The killing of an eight month infant and a eight year child is an example if the gory attitude of our enemy. The mismanagement and indifferent attitude of state govt towards the woes of aggrieved border villagers aggravates their difficulties. The most of the civilians living with their relations raises many questions on the unilateral ceasefire declared by
India. They say whether India has not taken any lesson from the past experience when during the governance of Atal Bihari Vajpayee rule unilateral ceasefire was declared which was violated by Pak and Pak sponsored militant outfits. They too vociferously raises question as to why the state and central govts not paying heed to their longpending demand of allotting five marlas plot on the safer places and raising the construction of bunkers in their homes so that they could save themselves at the time of heavy mortar shelling and firing on the borders However governmental machinery got activated after strong protests and complaints of non cooperative attitude of state administrative machinery. Dy Chief Minister Kavinder Gupta too visited the relief camps at R S Pura . The attitude of socio-political organizations too pricks the aggrieved border residents.
ow after nine days guns went silent on boarders by both sides but how long Pakistan keep mum let us wait and watch.


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