Demand of CBI inquiry in Rasana case means to nab actual culprits


Why the Chief Minister is avoiding the demand of CBI inquiry, when this is a constitutional provisional for every Indian? Why the government is so adamant over the demand of Jammuites? Why the government do not care about the aspirations and feelings of Jammuites? Why the government wants to widen the gap between Jammu and Kashmir region over the demand of CBI in Rasana case? Why not government using the opportunity to stitch the gap between Jammu & Kashmir region even between two communities? The demand of CBI inquiry is not mean to support the criminals but to nab the real culprits. There are several questions irritating the mind of people and need to be answered.
CBI inquiry & Rasana murder and rape case, both are like two faces of the same coin. When we talk about the Rasana infamous case, the demand of CBI inquiry has become the part of it. The question of imparting justice to the victim is still questionable as circumstantial evidences are not in the support of what has been mentioned in the Chargesheet.
The Rasana murder and rape case has triggered a different controversy as the state investigating agencies has failed to exhibit their credibility in investigating the case and there are three different stories have been emerged. In the floor of assembly the government replied that “A 15-year-old boy has been arrested over the murder of an eight-year-old girl in Hiranagar area of Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir.” The reply was given in the assembly by a senior minister of Mehbooba government Abdul Rehman Veeri, Minister for Revenue & Parliament Affairs on January 19, 2018. The same reply was given in Upper House by another senior minister Mr Naeem Akhtar Minister for Works.
Responding to the concern expressed by the legislators on the gruesome incident, Minister for
Demand of CBI……
Revenue & Parliamentary Affairs, Abdul Rehman Veeri informed the Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly that the accused has confessed to the crime. This was the script, which was earlier written by the Special Investigation Team in case of Rasana case.
He said the investigation conducted by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) headed by SDPO border Chadwal revealed that the accused kidnapped the minor girl and put her in nearby cowshed at village Rassana, where he attempted to rape her and when she resisted, he killed her by way of strangulation.
Now the case was in possession of Crime Branch, where the script is totally different and so the people of Jammu are pressing hard for CBI inquiry. The team of pioneer association of Jammu popularly known as Jammu Province Peoples’ Forum has conducted a visit of the spot and they divulged that there are lot of contradictions between the chargesheet and the allegedly spot of crime. The team was comprised of retired judges, retired police officers, retired officers and social activist.


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