Stop the blame game and face the reality, BJP tells Soz & Co


Shadow Correspondent
In a press statement issued here today by Bharatiya Janata Party, its State Spokesperson, Brig Anil Gupta has castigated veteran Congress leader Saif-ud-Din Soz for criticising the effort of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reach to the Kashmiri youth and asking them to return to mainstream rather than appreciating it. “Time has come when the Kashmiri leaders should stop blaming everybody else except themselves for the turmoil in Kashmir. It is time to look within and catch the bull by horn. There is nothing known as “Kashmir Problem”, the fact is that there are multifarious problems in Kashmir, all of them “manufactured” by the Kashmiri power brokers who have always kept self-interest above the interests of the Awam”, lamented Brig Gupta. Questioning further, Brig Gupta asked, “What efforts have been made by the people like Soz or those of his ilk to reach out to a broad cross-section of youth to address their problems and illusions which mainly are the result of false hopes and promises made to them by the separatists as well as the mainstream politicians? Why don’t they appeal to them to shun violence and join the mainstream for a better future?” It is conveniently forgotten that radicalisation is the main cause for disenchantment among the Kashmiri youth. Their interest in ‘Azadi’ or ‘autonomy’ is fast waning. Yet, the power brokers in Kashmir continue to misguide and mislead the youth rather than making an effort to motivate them to discard the option of “gun” and look for a brighter future by joining the Indian growth story and by seeking business and employment opportunities across the country.
Rest of India will welcome them with open arms if they shun violence. “Rather than refusing to acknowledge the presence of elephant in the room, Soz& Co should concentrate on changing the narrative from stone-throwing, violence and conflict to economic development, modern value based education and peace what Soz has referred to as “Modi’s narrative,” advised Brig Gupta.


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