Probe PHE and RDD scams in Ramnagar constituency: Harsh


Shadow Correspondent
Expressing grave concern over the acute potable drinking water problem in Ramnagar constituency especially in the blocks of Kulwanta, Chanunta, Ghordi, Majalta and Parly dhar, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former has sought a probe into the working of PHE schemes vis a vis funds received and output registered on the ground. He said that in the wake of several WSS schemes having gone defunct and acute problems faced by the people, several complaints of fake withdrawals of funds had been received from various villages without executing the work on the ground.
He said that not only the panned funds were reportedly misappropriated and embezzled but huge additionalits released at the fag end of the financial year were swindled by vested interests in collusion. Making a particular mention of Rs. 60 lacs released by DDC Udhampur on 30th March for PHE schemes of Ramnagar, Mr. Singh expressed his dismay over the utilization of the entire amount within one day before the closure of the financial year with none to take cognizance of the apparent fraud of huge magnitude.
Singh regretted that even the complaints filed by him with helmsmen regarding the blatant violations and other irregularities in MG-NREGA in District Udhampur particularly the Blocks of Ramnagar, Majalta, Khoon, Basantgarh, Ghordi, Kulwanta and Chanunta on the basis his personal knowledge and replies obtained through RTI, had failed to elicit any response from concerned quarters.
He said that in view of well knit mafias in the Rural Development Deptt., the funds meant for the poor, needy and rural unemployed were being swindled thereby defeating the very purpose of the scheme.
He regretted that the state govt too could not be absolved of its criminal vicarious liability as the in-explicable delay in apprehending fraudsters had allowed the corrupt and unscrupulous elements to siphon the funds envisaged for empowerment of rural poor.


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