‘Do not take our lands till R&R implemented’


The farmers of Touguta have urged the authorities not to take possession of their lands till the Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R) package was extended to them.
The farmers are on relay fast for the past 52 days demanding justice for them. They have been alleging that they were being threatened by the officials and trying to forcibly take their lands.
“We are the farmers of Toguta and adversely affected with the construction of Mallannasagar Reservoir. Our lands were purchased by the government under G.O. 123 on which the High Court has given interim orders.
We feel the government purchasing our lands was not right as the interim orders were issued by the court. Government can take them depending on the final order by the court,” the farmers said in the memorandum submitted to the District Collector.
The copies were submitted to Joint Collector, Deputy Collector, Land Acqusition, Kaleswaram and MRO Toguta.
“Some of the officials tried to enter into our lands which we protested and opposed. We have approached the Court which has issued interim orders stating that officials should not enter into our lands till R&R package was extended to us.
We request you to see that no officer should enter our lands or else we will be forced to knock the door of the Court,” the farmers said.
The memorandum was signed by Asharla Poshavva, Chinta Narsavva and others.
“The orders by court were issued on April 26. However, it took longer time for us to get the copy. Hence, it was delayed in submitting the copy to the authorities. We will not surrender to the government till justice was meted out,” Chikkudu Naveen, one of the farmers told The Hindu.


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