Spiritual well being concomitant for positive health outcome: Dr Sushil


Shadow Correspondent
Highlighting the fact that the body, mind and spirit are interconnected and health of these elements influence each other Dr Sushil Sharma, HOD Cardiology GMC & SSH Jammu conducted a day long health awareness camp on the occasion of Sri Bhagwad Katha, a conscientious endeavour by Raj Guru Mahamandleshwar Swami Vishwatamanand Ji Maharaj to share the rich resource of knowledge in the divine plays of Lord Krishna for the common populace of Rajouri Town. The health awareness camp was started with the formal inauguration by Swami Ji amidst invoking of vedic hymns with the prayer that the people shall find hope, comfort and inner well being in their life.
While interacting with the people Dr. Sushil stated that there is a wide array of knowledge that supports the view that there is positive connection between one’s belief and sense of well being. Positive beliefs, comfort and strength gained from religion, meditation and prayer can contribute to well being.
It may even promote healing. Improving spiritual health may not cure an illness but it may help one feel better.
It also may prevent some health problems and help one cope better with illness, stress or death. Many people find spirituality through different ways. Some people find it through music or meditation, yoga or a connection with nature.
Others find it in their values and principles while still majority find it in their religion.
More than 800 patients were screened ,evaluated and diagnosed for various health ailments. Blood sugar , ECG , BMD, BMI , KFT Tests were performed and medicines were also given as per the requirements.
Others who were instrumental in this endeavour includes Dr. Shailendra Sharma, Dr. Poonam Jagiasi, Dr. Kewal Sharma, Dr. Irfan malik, Dr. R.K Bajaj, Dr. Nymphaea, Dr. Sourav Gupta and Dr. Rajiv Jindal. Parmedics and volunteers who were part of this team includes Raghav Rajput, Kamal Sharma , Gourav Sharma, Rohit Khajuria, Vikas Kumar , Bhanu Partap Singh , Akshay Kumar , Aman Gupta , Ankush Kohli, Vikas Sabharwal, Mandeep Sharma ,Amanpreet Singh, Ashish Sharma, Harvinder Singh , Amandeep Singh and various disciples of the Ashram .


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