JK Gujjars for similar laws applicable on tribes of India


Shadow Correspondent
Gujjars and Bakerwals of Jammu and Kashmir today demanded that state government must adopt the model of other states of India to develop and rehabilitate the nomadic tribe .
They are listed as tribe in 1991 by Govt of India but are struggling for equal rights as granted to other tribes of India, The communities urged to introduce new Acts or similar laws which are applicable on tribes living in other states of India including our neighboring state -Himachal Pradesh -which in many ways possessed of identical topography like Jammu and Kashmir .
The community members told this while attending a programme of Tribal scholars organised by Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation which was presided over by noted Gujjar scholar Dr. Javaid Rahi , the speakers urged to rehabilitate them legally and constitutionally in the areas belongs to their tribe since centuries. They called for recognition of their primitive culture and extending all the rights to J&K Tribes which are granted in other states of country Dr. Javaid Rahi in his presidential address stated that Gujjars and Bakerwals which constitute 80% of the total tribal population of the state are struggling hard to get proper education, health care and rehabilitation due to their nomadic life style , habitat in hilly areas and ongoing turmoil of the state.
The state authorities must take a cue from other state and implement the schemes and acts to the state which were been put into practice in rest of India, the speakers said and added that the special powers granted to state can add more tribal friendly schemes to J&K.
The speakers included Ch Mohamood , Ch. Din Mohd Dhakar,Khadam Hussain Tedwa, Rana Mir Mohd Gujjar, Mohd Rizwan and others.


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