Natrang stages Dogri play ‘Bawa Jitto’


Shadow Correspondent
Natrang’s globally acclaimed Dogri play ‘Bawa Jitto’ enlivened the audience at Abhinav Theatre with its electrifying performance by senior most actors of Jammu stage on the concluding day of Natrang Theatre Festival which the organisation has organised in connection with the celebrations of 35 years of NATRANG. Natrang’s senior actors like Arvind Anand, Suresh Kumar, Anil Tickoo, Vijay Bhatt, Neeraj Kant and Subash Jamwal established the fact that maturity in acting comes after devoting dedicating the entire life in seeking perfection in the field. Written by Prof Ram Nath Shastri and innovatively designed, conceptualized and directed by Balwant Thakur, this cultural pride of Dogras has become the longest living contemporary theatre play of India. Giving a brief account of the journey of Natrang and the play Bawa Jitto to the audiences, Natrang Director Balwant Thakur narrated very interesting relating to the making of this new history for Indian theatre.
The custodians of our traditional wisdom Girdhari Lal and Harbans Lal won the hearts on one and all. Amongst senior actors Arvind Anand as Bawa Jitto, Anil Tickoo as Malli, Suresh Kumar as Mehta Bir Singh, Neeraj Kant as Rullo , Vijay Bhat as Sarpanch/Ghaghi and Subash Jamwal as Raja gave engrossing performances. Rahul Singh as Isso, Mohd. Yaseen as Budda/Aadmi, Deewankshi Sibikhi as Jojan, Sanchita Dubey as Bua Gauri and Vrinda Sharma as Jeuni gave praiseworthy performances.
The others who were appreciated included Mahikshit Singh, Abhi Bargotra, Aadesh Dhar, Brijesh Avtar Sharma, Mohit Kaul, Goutam Sharma, Gautam Kumar, Akash Bhat, Raheel Sharma , Bhisham Gupta , Kuldeep Angral, Deepali Sharma, Meenakshi Bhagat, Ashley Mehta, Shivam Sharma and Shivam Singh. The lights of the play were designed and executed by Pankaj Sharma and the show was presented by Sanjeev Gupta. Hall management was looked after by Sumeet Sharma, Chahat Katyal, and Ajay Lalotra.


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