JTC, SKF criticizes Govt for taking action against Deputy Commissioner Relief and rehabilitation


Shadow Correspondent
A joint meeting of Jagti Tenament Committee/ Soan Kashmir Front was held at Migrant Camp Jagti (Nagrota) under the chairmanship of it is president Shadi Lal Pandita. In this meeting, Pandita has criticized the action against the Deputy Commissioner Relief and rehabilitation, Kuldeep Krishen Sidha for his attachment of his services in the General Administration Department for his involvement in issuing the Pilgrimage notice of the, Migrants to visit the Kheer Bhawani (Tullamulla), and other religious places in the valley.
On, the eve of the Zeshtha Ashtami falling on 20th of June, 2018. The meeting strongly criticized the Government’s action for the attachment of the services of the Deputy Commissioner Relief without any fault of him, as there is no lapse on his part because the similar nature of the notices are being issued by the Relief Organisation (Migrants) since last 24 years continuously.
It is not understood as to how the Minister concerned have attached the officer in the GAD. It was unanimously passed in the meeting, that the said Deputy Commissioner may be posted in the relief office – Jammu with great dignity and honour as there is no fault of him in issuing the notice.
This has been done by him as per the past practice.
Shri Pandita said that both the Relief Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Relief, are functioning the organization with great dedication, dignity and honour why the Minister has indulged in harassing the DC Relief unnecessary without the fault of him.


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