Congress condemns Nirmal Singh’s remarks against Army


Shadow Correspondent
Congress has questioned Modi Government and BJP high command for its eric silence over the serious issue of violations of security norms while carrying on an unauthorized construction near Army Ammunition Depot Nagrota, despite serious objections by Army Authorities, besides making highly irresponsible and objectionable remarks by Dr. Nirmal Singh, presently speaker of the State assembly, against the Indian Army, when asked to desist from violating norms.
Reacting to the series of Media expose about the involvement of a Company owned/partnered or having direct interests by top BJP brass including Present Dy. Chief minister and BJP MP, for acquiring huge loan from J&K Bank presently declared NPA, using their influence and having purchased huge chunk of land near sensitive location of Army Ammunition depot Nagrota, JKPCC Chief Spokesperson Mr. Ravinder Sharma questioned the BJP government at the centre and BJP high command for maintaining eric silence over this serious issue and failure to take action against its leaders especially in the wake of highly insensitive remarks against Army.
He also sought an enquiry by an independent agency into the entire land episode including the huge advancing of loans by J&K Bank to the high profile company which has turned NPA for the bank.
The poor unemployed youth, small business man and farmers have to run from pillar to post to get meager loans from the Bank and in default of repayment, the banks chases them to the last, but why no adequate action has been taken in the regard.


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