“Pseudo-Nationalism of BJP exposed”


Shadow Correspondent
Describing the outbursts of the Assembly Speaker and erstwhile Deputy Chief Minister Dr. Nirmal Singh against the Army as outrageous and offensive, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister today called upon the BJP leadership to apologize for such disparaging remarks against the defence personnel. He said that Armed forces were the saviours of the nation symbolizing the national pride and to level allegations of harassment and political motivation against them was highly objectionable and most condemnable. He regretted that despite holding a constitutional post, the BJP leader had crossed the rubicon and tried to portray the Army in such bad light for which he owed an unconditional apology. He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
“Had Nirmal Singh any reservation against the notice issued to him by the Army, he could have clarified it before the concerned authorities.
He had ample avenues available to prove himself correct and explain his position. And in case he felt that the Army authorities did not respond, he could have approached the govt with a justification for his alleged irregular construction.
And with his own party ruling the country, he could have projected his grievance before the concerned union ministry as well. But rather than doing so, the ousted Dy. Chief Minister chose to approach the media with his highly sarcastic and offensive remarks against Army which had earned him the wrath of the common masses and nationalist forces and further exposed the pseudo nationalism of BJP.
Accusing the Army of harassment and describing its action as “politically motivated” by the holder of constitutional post had severely hurt the sentiments of the public for which the BJP leadership as a whole owned an explanation to the nation” said an agitated Harsh.
Balwant Singh Mankotia State President JKNPP and Mr. Parshotam Parihar State Secretary Panthers Trade Union were also present in the press conference.


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