PDP-BJP coalition relies on falsehood, deceit: Bhalla


Shadow Correspondent
Former Minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla on Sunday accused the PDP-BJP government of creating controversies to serve its vested interests and divert the people’s attention from its alleged misrule. He lambasted the BJP leadership for surrendering to the PDP to remain in power. Addressing a public meeting at Green Avenue Digiana in Gandhi Nagar constituency, Bhalla said the coalition government was becoming ineffective day by day.
The meeting was organized by Prof. BS Komal.Prominent among those present on the occasion include Ajeet Singh, Pritam Singh, Nishan Singh, Principal Swran Singh, Smt. Ranjeet Kour, Dr. Baljeet Kour, Smt Gurdeep Kour, Makhpal Singh, Jarnail Singh, Tara Singh, Parvinder Singh beside others.He said the discrimination against the Jammu region had become the order of the day. He said the PDP was making all decisions which suited it and the BJP was behaving like a mute spectator because of lust for power. Coalition Govt was taking such decisions which would not only endanger the communal harmony but would also lead to a Valley-like situation in the Jammu region. “The coalition partners are deliberately creating hurdles in the peace and development of the state by doing politics on sensitive issues. The situation in the state, especially in the valley was deteriorating,” he said. He said that the coalition has failed to create a peaceful atmosphere. Describing the Congress as the only secular force in the country, Bhalla said that Congress has always strengthened the secularism and it will continue to safeguard the secular fabric of the country.
Launching a scattering attack over the PDP BJP coalition government in the state for their total failure and terming the promises made by PDP-BJP government as “mere bluffs, Senior Congress leader and former Minister said that the poll promises of BJP and PDP have proved to be mere bluffs and people are fed up with the policies and sheer opportunism of two parties. The people could not see through their tactical game plan and gave BJP an unprecedented strength in Jammu while PDP gained on these slogans in Kashmir. What happened thereafter, when the two parties took a complete U-turn on their respective positions and promises to the people made during elections, as a result the people feel betrayed and cheated.


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