Epilogue Press organizes “Pink Marathon: Empowered women Empower Women”


Shadow Correspondent
Epilogue Press organized a Women Leadership Conclave: “Pink Marathon : Empowered women Empower Women” on Sunday,13th May 2018. This was a first of kind Conclave which will be driven by and for the women. This event is to be seen as the continuation of Epilogue’s recent Leadership Conclave “Bridging Divides”, held in January this year.
The event was attended by over 150 female attendees comprising political leaders of all parties, prominent citizens, senior government officials, senior police officers along with industrialists, startups, academicians, and research scholars, from Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. This event engaged active leaders from the field of politics, business, corporate world, non-governmental service and judiciary to inspire, empower the aspiring young vibrant women delegates. The combination of National and regional perspective on Women rights goes a long way in the real engagement and empowerment of women.
The event was being organized aptly on the Mother’s day, which commemorates an important facet of the role that women play in our society. The need for such events increases manifold in light of the prevalent misogyny, patriarchy and outright neglect of women in the society in general. The event aims to seek to redress the hurt and malice the society has undergone and to seek rejuvenation of all humans who dwell on this land in a peaceful and honourable manner.
Epliogue had earlier in the year organized another successful leadership conclave “Bridging Divides” that boasted of panellists from across the spectrum of leadership and from across the state. This event was aimed at bridging the divide of information within the state and between the state and the nation. Epilogue has taken the success of this event forward and plans to have more such events on a regular basis with people from across the length and breadth of the state as well as the nation to ensure that sane voices are heard and solution building is taken forward by the people’s will.


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