Harsh Dev rebukes BJP for contradictory stands over ‘ceasefire’ move


Shadow Correspondent
With BJP leaders taking highly incongruous stands over yet another issue of ceasefire during Ramazan, Mr. Harsh Dev Singh JKNPP Chairman and Former Minister said that its duplicitous character stood fully exposed before the people. Disputing the claim of the BJP spokesmen over the issue made through press conference yesterday, Mr. Singh questioned as to whether the BJP Ministers were also on the same page and shared the same opinion. Agreeing however with the BJP spokesmen that no such decision was finalized in the All Party meet, Mr. Singh questioned the presence of Dy. Chief Minister Mr. Kavinder Gupta alongwith other BJP Ministers in the press conference of the Chief Minister on 9th May immediately after the meet announcing ceasefire during Ramzan and Amar Nath Ji yatra. No Minister of BJP had raised any voice or expressed any kind of reservations against the said decision during the course of the said press conference thereby acquiescing in the CM’s move and statement which was widely covered by the media, said Harsh. The public statement made by CM alongwith BJP Ministers is supposed to be the official stand of the coalition which has not been countered by anyone of the saffron Ministers of the state, observed Singh. And now the spokesmen of BJP had suddenly appeared out of the blue before the media and were making a statement merely for public consumption and devoid of any legal sanctity.
He was addressing a press conference in Jammu today.
Accusing the BJP of running with the hare and hunting with hound, Mr. Singh said that its duplicity and opportunist politics had sparked massive public outrage besides threatening the peace and national security.
Why did its Ministers not react during the press meet and how could they maintain ‘criminal silence’ when the announcement was made by the CM? How can the BJP take one position in Srinagar and altogether opposite stand in Jammu? And whose stand shall prevail, that of the Ministers or its spokespersons? Questioned Harsh.


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