Reshuffle as old whisky in new bottles: NSC


Shadow Correspondent
NSC Student wing of NCP while keeping their view point regarding the reshuffle and inducting of New faces in the ministry said that it is a mockery and eye wash and like putting old whisky in New bottles.
National Executive Council Member NSC Er. Rishi Kilam while addressing the student wing of NSC said that how can people of the state accept and believe that the New faces will bring radical change in admistration and development process when they have tasted and tested them as MLA’s and ministers.
Er.Rishi added that how it could be change for better now.
Showing surprise and concern National Executive Council Member Er.Rishi Kaul Kilam said that it is surprising and ironic that BJP National President Amit Shah has now after three years.
Shown dramatic concern and given stern action and message to New BJP team to focus on development and address people’s problems.
Where was Amit Shah for all these years when people were crying in Jammu,Kashmir and Ladakh for justice and utter failure of the government where was Ram Madhav and Amit Shah when people raised slogans against Nepotism, favouratism and corruption.
Amit Shah and his collation party is only concerned with the visible results in the coming elections.
His disgusting statement has shocked all of us when we want justice to prevail in Rasana incident.
Er. Rishi said,the higher we go the cooler it is Kavinder Gupta has achieved the higher rank and position so from day first he has started to show the cold shoulders.
Rishi said let us hope for the best and see which way the wind blows.


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